On Further Thought

Imbolc                                                                  Hare Moon

OK.  Maybe I went overboard here a bit.  When I immerse myself in a subject, it 3090722405_c5a1750432becomes a temporary obsession, refracting all the light that comes toward me.  Now, I’m not saying that creating a sustainable place for humans on the home planet is a temporary obsession, or, for that matter, an obsession.  No, it’s an ongoing work to which I am committed.

I’m going to give the whole idea of transforming this website into a Minnesota focused climate mitigation and adaptation site a good going over while I’m on the road.

The climate change course ends this Tuesday. I need to integrate what I’ve learned, let it settle before striking off in a particular direction.  Besides, I’ve got that America Votes volunteer work that fits into the climate change slot.

Our changes to the climate system will poison the earth for human habitation if we don’t act decisively.  And though that’s true, I admit that from an existential perspective it doesn’t matter. Human habitation of earth will end, whether it be by fire or be by ice.

But, if we care about our neighbor (Mr. Rogers) and our self (Mr. Jung), then we will be good to each other.  And if you care about your mother, the one who brought you into this world and supported you all along, you’ll treat her well so she won’t have to put all the kids into a mini-van and drive it into a swollen ocean.

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