Spring Journeys

Imbolc                                                               Hare Moon

We’re getting the slow melt so far.  I can see plants in the vegetable garden, among McMillanNorthernSpring90-130them raspberry canes that still need trimming and the remnants of a few herbs.  The beds themselves have become more clearly outlined as the mounds of snow shrink.  By the time I return from Tucson on March 31st we may have lost most of our snow.  The forecast is warmer, mostly above freezing for highs and in the last week of March above freezing for highs and lows.

This is the time when Kate and I took our honeymoon in Europe, 1990.  We began in spanish-steps-romeRome and traveled north as far as Inverness, Scotland by train.  Without intending it we accomplished a wonderful feat, following spring north.  That meant flowers and fresh weather welcomed us in Florence, Venice, Vienna, Salzburg, Paris, London, Bath, Glastonbury, Edinburgh and Inverness where the heather had just come into bloom.

(our hotel in Rome was the top of the Spanish Steps)

Looking back on it now, 24 years ago, I can see the perfect symmetry with the Great Wheel.  As our new life together began, we visited countryside and city after countryside and city where new life had just begun to emerge from the fallow time.

These visits had fewer cathedrals than you might imagine but more, much more art.  We visited the Vatican museum in Rome, Pompeii, Florence and the Uffizi, took in the Titian altars in Venice, the Kunsthistorische in Vienna, the Louvre, Musee D’Orsay and the Rodin museum in Paris.

In London we went to the Reject China Shop and bought our Portmerion table settings
basil street hoteland stayed in the quirky Basil Street Hotel which had a women’s club, rather than the usual men’s club.

I’ll be traveling south on Tuesday, driving toward spring, into it, and if I read the weather in Tucson right, back out of it again.  There will be many opportunities for reflection on the purpose of this blog.


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