Working on the Book

Midsommar                                                  Most Heat Moon

finger-moon-hoteiStill figuring out how to go about writing a non-fiction book. As a next step, I combed through some material, including the post below and came up with categories. Then, I created file folders for each category. I know, pretty obvious, right? Well, not till it came to me. Now I have to fill them up. My idea is to use the folders as the source material for chapters. Again, pretty obvious. But, again. Not until I thought of it. Reinventing the wheel. Reimagining faith.

Here are the categories:

Great Wheel, Sacred Calendars, Iroquois-seventh generation thinking, Seasonal Rituals, Time, Paleoastronomy

Emergence, Becoming Native to This Place, How a Forest Thinks, Great Work, Original Relation, Beyond the Boundary, Nature Writers, Shinrin Yoku, Wild, Wilderness

Mysticism, Symbolism, Romanticism, Self

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