Midsommar                                                          New (Kate’s) Moon

Struggling with the reimagining project. It doesn’t seem to have any fire, any passion behind it right now. I’ve decided to keep at it until fall just to see if the usual bump I get in September/October will make a difference. If it continues to lag in terms of motivation, I’m going to jettison it as a project and focus on reconstructionist Judaism.

There is a conflict that may be at the heart of this: should I keep my political fire alive or should I let it fade? The argument for letting it fade is a focus on novels, Judaism and learning the west. They will inform my legacy, too, and perhaps at this point in life they deserve my full attention. Yet. Politics =’s responsibility in my inner world. Perhaps there is a new way to engage, one that still involves the sort of thinking I’ve been doing on Reimagining. This line of thinking will occupy me, too, as the days tick over through Samhain. On the Celtic New Year I’ll make up my mind.

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