It’s The Bomb

Fall                                                             Joe and SeoAh Moon

fallout shelter
Robert Blakely died. At 95. He created this symbol of a period. Seeing it as a graphic icon from another era suggested to me that there is, in the geist at any one time, always a looming disaster. Duck and cover. Though, to be honest, I don’t remember ever participating in any of these drills. I do remember though the articles in Popular Mechanics about building your own fallout shelter. I even remember fantasizing (in a positive way, believe it or not) about spending a long time in one. There was lots of material about the bomb, about the Soviets and what they would rain down on us, nothing Purple but always radioactive.

climate change3Nuclear war got replaced by the too real Vietnam War. After it ended, Watergate. Somehow, in the period following the end of the Vietnam War and the end of a generation’s ride in the yellow submarine, government became the bogeyman, a grasping thieving monster coming for your money, your guns, your liberty. Of course, since 9/11, we’ve had a worldwide looming disaster, terrorism.

No wonder then that the overarching disaster, the one racing to meet us with rising sea levels, longer springs, hotter summers and dying winters, turbo-charged weather and mass extinction, just hasn’t gotten traction. Fear is a strange feeling; one fear can drive out another, make another fear too much to consider.

Maybe climate change needs a graphic, a compelling, simple design that captures the threat. Wonder what it would look like?

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